Letter to ACIPC17 delegates

A letter sent today to all 308 delegates to the 2017 Australasian Conference on Infection Prevention and Control.

Dear Delegate,

I wish to draw your attention to the presence of Hygiene Solutions Ltd at ACIPC17. This UK company presents a serious threat to healthcare providers in Australia and New Zealand . Extensive evidence from both published papers and from disclosures by former employees of the business has revealed numerous fraudulent practices and reckless and irresponsible actions by this company. One well documented example is a very substantial and clearly correlated step increase in C. difficile infections in the University College London Hospitals on the implementation of the Deprox system, followed by an equally clear decrease when this system was abandoned 2  and a half years later. Approximately 70 additional cases over baseline occurred over the 29 months of Deprox operation. See: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/freedom-information-request-reveals-exact-c-richard-marsh/

In brief, the history of these issues is as follows:

In response to insoluble technical problems with residual H2O2 vapour, the system manufacturer, Specialist Hygiene Solutions Ltd, secretly and drastically cut the disinfectant vapour concentration settings on the entire fleet of almost 200 systems, leaving the process almost entirely ineffective against the deadly HCAI pathogens it was claimed to eliminate. See:


Thus not only were tens of thousands of patients needlessly put at risk of debilitating and possibly fatal infections, but the health services of the UK,  Australia and New Zealand were defrauded of over £20,000,000.

Further to this, the Deproxin solution contains silver nitrate, which is forbidden in the EU for fogging applications on account of its toxicity to lung tissue and mucous membranes. Several Deprox operators have suffered chronic respiratory illness as a result of being exposed to the residual fog after a room has been treated. These persons are actively seeking legal compensation for these injuries.

See: https://deproxfraud.info/2017/11/07/2-more-deprox-operators-hit-with-throat-and-lung-damage/

The UK market is now largely aware of the dangerous and fraudulent nature of Hygiene Solutions Ltd, which has crippled their sales prospects in that area – hence their presence at ACIPC17 in an attempt to open up the Australasian market.

My simple request is that any healthcare institution contemplating doing business with Hygiene Solutions Ltd should thoroughly research the health and safety, and the germicidal efficacy of the products offered.  Independent confirmation should be sought, as the directors of the company have no hesitation about fabricating evidence.

No less than 39 examples of these fabrications can be found here:


The Health and Safety Executive is leading an investigation in to Hygiene Solutions Ltd in the UK.  The officer coordinating the operation is Mr Martin Ball;

Martin Ball | HM Inspector of Health and Safety

CRD Compliance Team

Health & Safety Executive Chemicals Regulation Division

5S.1 Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 7HS.

Tel: 0151 951 3512


Summary of issues

  • The process is only capable of a small fraction of the claimed disinfection efficacy.
  • Rooms and equipment cleaned with Deprox remain dangerously contaminated with pathogens, and are a serious and potentially lethal threat to patients.
  • Residual chemicals of H2O2, AgNO3 and PbO are way in excess of legal limits and several operators have suffered permanent respiratory damage.
  • The fraud is accomplished by a complex and sophisticated web of misinformation, outright lies, rigged tests, and claiming test results from competitor’s machines as their own.
  • Healthcare providers in the UK, AU and NZ are being defrauded of tens of millions of pounds.


Richard Marsh


Rick fentiman


Response to my letter to #ACIPC17 Delegates, from an administrator within the North Sydney Local Health District




Hygiene Solutions posts fake email addresses at ACIPC17

Hygiene Solutions has two new e-publications for ACIPC17, these are in the Sponsor e-satchel section on the ACIPC17 app. ( https://guidebook.com/guide/102693/poi/8908501/ )

All but one of the website addresses given on these documents is fake:




Only the UK website actually exists:


wrong address



The pig got up and slowly walked away…


In a knee-jerk reaction to my last post, Hygiene Solutions yesterday deleted the Sydney NSW street address from their website. Australia and the USA are left with only phone numbers, which are connected to a UK call centre, and the New Zealand contact has been deleted in its entirety.

The post had pointed out that the Hygiene Solutions 65 Atkins Road, Ermington, Sydney, NSW 2155 address is owned by Greg Hales, son of controversial ‘Exclusive Brethren” cult leader Bruce Hales.


Here is the million dollar question:

Who is disowning who?

Is Rick Fentiman ashamed of his links with the Hales cult, or are the Hales’ embarrassed to be associated with the fraudulent and dishonest activities of Hygiene Solutions?

One evening in October
When I was about one-third sober
And was taking home a load with manly pride
My poor feet began to stutter
So I lay down in the gutter
And a pig came up and lay down by my side

As I lay there in the gutter
thinking thoughts I could not utter
I thought I heard a passing lady say,
“You can tell a man who boozes
by the company he chooses…”
And the pig got up and slowly walked away


Hygiene Solutions old


Hygiene Solutions new



Deprox hales acipc 2017

On 2nd February 2017, in response to publication of the whistleblower exposé of the Deprox fraud, Specialist Hygiene Solutions Australia Pty Ltd declared voluntary liquidation, and Australian Deprox distributor Acute Healthcare hastily dropped the product from its catalogue.

However, in order to to maintain product registration with the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Devices) Hygiene Solutions (UK) must have a registered Australian company as sponsor.

It has emerged that a second business, under the name Specialist Hygiene Solutions Australia has been created with a new ABN  – this is a partnership, rather than a limited company – and this new entity has taken over sponsorship of the Deprox and Deproxin products.

Unfortunately, Australian business practices are less than transparent, and short of legal action it is impossible to identify who the beneficial owners of this Australian partnership are. The only identity given is “The Trustee for the RS & HR family Trust and others”  Like Panamian bank accounts and Cayman Island investment trusts, this legitimised  anonymity is very convenient for individuals wishing to invest in unethical or fraudulent trading, as funds can be easily laundered through a web of interconnected Australian family trusts.

However, a search of the history reveals that the original name of “The Trustee for the RS & HR family Trust and others” was “THE TRUSTEE FOR RS & HR FAMILY TRUST & THE TRUSTEE FOR THE AT SITE SUPPLIES TRUST & THE TRUSTEE FOR THE HALES TRUST”

Furthermore, a search of Australian trademarks reveals the following:

Deprox 4

The  LinkedIn profile shows that  Gregory Hales was a director of At Site Supplies, and is currently the director of SafeSmart Access. Both SafeSmart Access and Hygiene Solutions limited share the same Sydney, NSW address.

SafeSmart Access

Deprox hales

It seems likely  therefore that the Australian Deprox operation is run by Gregory Jay Hales, a prominent member of the so called “Hales Exclusive Brethren” a highly controversial religious sect headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Australian relaunch in Canberra

Rick Fentiman, Hygiene Solutions Ltd director and self-appointed “Cambridge University Microbiologist” will be exhibiting at the Australasian College of Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC) exhibition in Canberra, 20-22 November 2017. He will doubtless be bringing his “Proxcide” Mk. III Deprox prototype, as well as the Deprox and Ultra-V systems to display.

Hygiene Solutions Ltd has also splashed out $10,300 to become a “Bronze Sponsor” of the ACIP exhibition, over and above the $6,600 for the booth. This level of investment suggests a major push in to the Australian market, and it is rumoured that the Fentimans may be relocating to Australia along with their business, thus evading a number of impending legal actions in the UK. Given Australia’s historic function as a penal colony, this move would seem to be entirely appropriate.

Deprox 1

Any hospitals considering these systems should first give sober consideration to the tragic experience of the UCLH hospital in London, where a C. difficile epidemic following the introduction of the Deprox system led to an estimated 12 deaths over a period of 3 years.


Anatomy of a cyber-attack

It is hard to operate in cyberspace without leaving a trail. The September 25th cyber attack on deproxfraud.info, and whistleblower Richard Marsh’s personal Facebook, Google, Gmail, Twitter, Dropbox, Vimeo, WordPress, YouTube and Twitter accounts shows a particularly grubby set of fingerprints that the Norfolk CID will doubtless be familiar with…

Richard Marsh is resident in Saskatchewan, Canada, and has been since January 2017. Thus when social media sites detected “persons unknown” logging in to the administration areas of his websites and pages from locations in Norfolk UK, they automatically sent out Security Alert emails to the page or website owner.

From the flurry of security alerts received on the 25th and 26th September, an exact timeline of the hacker’s activity can be constructed. Note that the email times are for Saskatchewan, which is 7 hours behind the UK. The hacker started by illegally accessing Richard’s Twitter account at 20.33 from a location in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. This generated the security alert below at 13.33 Saskatchewan time.

fentiman hack

September 25th, 2017

13.33 Twitter new login from King’s Lynn, Norfolk

13.40 Facebook password reset

13.47 Twitter password reset

13.54 Twitter email address changed

14.34 WordPress (deproxfraud.info) email address changed

15.22 Vimeo account deleted

15.23 Gmail account security alert: Sign in from a Blackberry device in the UK

18.31 Dropbox account accessed from Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk

19.33 New email address “rubbish@sasktel.net” added to LinkedIn account

September 26th, 2017

01.58 Romer Photonics Company page removed from LinkedIn

05.16 Facebook account login from Whittlesford, UK

The directors of Hygiene Solutions Ltd and their partners in crime might like to contemplate the fate of young Gareth Crosskey, who was sentenced to a year in prison for hacking a Facebook Account.

fentiman hack facebook