Leaked emails prove cheating, bodily harm and massive fraud.

Move over Wikileaks – now we have Ricki-leaks…

A large batch of very interesting internal Hygiene Solutions emails have fortuitously come into my possession. Too much material for one post so this will just be the first of three…

ISS Deprox

In January 2015, Mark Fentiman sent an urgent message that all Deprox units were to be turned down to RH5.  Now it emerges that this order was in response to the incident above, in which a healthcare worker at the Royal Worcester Hospital inhaled Deproxin fumes and suffered serious respiratory problems. (Note that ISS Healthcare operate the Deprox machines as a subcontractor in some NHS hospitals.)

RH5% email Mark Fentiman

RH5% email Mark Fentiman, Deprox

The Log6 claim so loudly and insistently trumpeted by Hygiene Solutions is based on a machine set to RH40. The RH setting gives the amount of H2O2 per cubic metre of air, so resetting the machine to RH5 only gives 12% of the required concentration. In reality, the machine is just a placebo – no useful or meaningful level of disinfection is possible at this level.

The shocking fact is that Hygiene Solutions continued to provide their Deprox systems and “decontamination” service at this dangerous and utterly ineffective level, did not inform their 60 or so NHS Hospital customers of the change, and continued to charge full price, a tidy sum of £2,500,000 per year.

Given that approximately 5000 NHS patients die each year from the very infections that this system is supposed to prevent, there can be no doubt that this action led to completely avoidable infections and death, as well as robbing the NHS of millions of pounds in fees for thousands of  imaginary decontamination services that did not actually take place.

To follow:

  • Test cheating – emails re. duping of Infection Control at Papworth Hospital
  • Derogatory and racist remarks about customers – the reality behind the squeaky-clean veneer of the Fentimans.

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