To accommodate a flood of new data, the website has been expanded and updated, and now includes a blog that will give a real time news feed on the multiple investigations proceeding on this dangerous and defective equipment.

In Brief…

In response to insoluble technical problems with residual H2O2 vapour, the system manufacturer, Specialist Hygiene Solutions Ltd, secretly and drastically cut the disinfectant vapour concentration settings on the entire fleet of almost 200 systems, leaving the process almost entirely ineffective against the deadly HCAI pathogens it was claimed to eliminate. Thus not only were tens of thousands of patients needlessly put at risk of debilitating and possibly fatal infections, but the NHS and its equivalent health services in Australia and New Zealand were defrauded of over £20,000,000.

If your hospital or health board is among those affected, please contact Trust Board Chairman or Chief Executive and urge them to take legal action as soon as possible to recover these funds that have been illegally and immorally bilked from the healthcare system.

The HSE is leading the Deprox investigation in the UK.  The officer coordinating the operation is Mr Martin Ball;

Martin Ball | HM Inspector of Health and Safety

CRD Compliance Team

Health & Safety Executive Chemicals Regulation Division

5S.1 Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 7HS.

Tel: 0151 951 3512

Summary of issues

  • The process is only capable of a small fraction of the claimed disinfection efficacy.
  • Rooms and equipment cleaned with Deprox remain dangerously contaminated with pathogens, and are a serious and potentially lethal threat to patients.
  • Residual chemicals of H2O2, AgNO3 and PbO are way in excess of legal limits.
  • The fraud is accomplished by a complex and sophisticated web of misinformation, outright lies, rigged tests, and claiming test results from competitor’s machines as their own.
  • The NHS and equivalent services in AU and NZ are being defrauded of tens of millions of pounds.



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