Leeds 5% Scandal

We have two sets of documents here, both being service records of the fleet of Deprox machines arranged by serial number. The ringbound notebooks, handwritten, have one machine per page, while the computer printout has 7 machines per page.

So in the example below, the computer printout has Dpx050, i.e. Deprox serial number 50, at St James’s Hospital (Leeds) which was 68 days overdue for a service on the day the report was printed (4th July 2016).

The handwritten report, starting from top left has the machine tracking number (cellphone number based tracking device),  serial number 50, then a note “LEEDS 5% RH” to remind the engineer to set the ΔRH to 5% when the machine is serviced, rather than the default 20%, because Leeds use hydrogen peroxide meters to check the room is safe to enter after a process. Below this is the service history and dates of services.

These documents will be handed over to the police as evidence.