Would you buy a used car from this man?

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Warrick Fentiman, originator of the deprox fraud. director of specialist hygiene solutions ltd.

Rick Fentiman (real name Warrick Fentiman), founder and director of Specialist Hygiene Solutions Ltd, is a pseudologist.

What is a pseudologist? It is just one of the many euphemisms we use to describe a liar. It implies, very appropriately in this case, a systematic liar, one who builds a whole framework of misinformation, in order to create a convincing whole.

Extreme? Too strong? Libellous?  Consider the 5 independently verifiable facts below and judge for yourself.

Independently verifiable fact #1

Rick Fentiman claims to be a “Cambridge graduate microbiologist” see article “A new weapon in the war on germs” from the Worcester News.


Reporter James Connell confirms that the article was based on a telephone interview with Rick.

The fact is…  

Rick has no such qualifications – see below.

Rick Fentiman claims to be a

It is an interesting reflection on Mr Fentiman’s mental pathology, that in claiming an utterly false qualification, he is not content to have any old microbiology degree, he must gild his plastic rose by going for a Cambridge degree.

Really?  Should we reserve a pedestal for Dr Fentiman, alongside Darwin, and Crick and Watson?

Independently verifiable fact #2

Rick Fentiman claims to have a 24-hour rapid Response Service operating in the USA and Canada. See newspaper article from the Lynn News published in July 2016:untitledasdasd

The fact is…  

There is no such service in either the USA or Canada, and never has been. When I called the “USA Infection Emergency Helpline” number below, I eventually got through to a very English, rather weary sounding young lady who admitted that she was in Suffolk. No, she didn’t know if they offered decontamination services in the USA and Canada. She asked her supervisor. The supervisor didn’t know – could they have someone call me back in an hour?

Belair Instrument Co   WebsiteDirections Medical supply store in Springfield Township, New Jersey Address: 36 Commerce St, Springfield Township, NJ 07081, USA

Searching the address of their USA office on Google Street View takes us to the detached premises of Belair Instrument Company, whose charming receptionist Amanda assures me that Specialist Hygiene Solutions is not on their premises, never has been, and she has never heard of them. Their phone number is +1 973-912-5228.

Independently verifiable fact #3

Rick Fentiman claims that the Deprox system has ISO 13485 certification. This is the exceptionally rigorous ISO standard for medical device manufacture. This claim is made in the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals response to tender (2014) page 30.capturedddddddd 

The fact is…

Neither Deprox or Hygiene Solutions have ISO13485 certification, and never have had. How to verify? Just ask Hygiene Solutions for a copy of their ISO13485 certificate. This will have the name of the issuing organisation, (registrar) who will be able to confirm immediately if the certificate is genuine or not. Of course, if Hygiene Solutions cannot promptly send a copy, that speaks for its self…

Independently verifiable fact #4

Rick Fentiman claims repeatedly, on the basis of the TNO Report, that the Deprox process gives a log6 reduction in bacteria and spores. See Sheffield Teaching Hospitals response to tender (2014) pages 6, 7 and 8.


The fact is…

For the tests analysed in the TNO report, the delta RH setting of the machine was 40% (TNO report p.16) The delta RH sets the level of concentration of disinfectant in the air of the room being treated.


The machine being tested by TNO was not a Deprox, it was an IC-4, which is a similar but more powerful machine made by a Dutch company. However, the Deprox is not even capable of being set to delta RH 40% – the highest setting on the Deprox is 30%. In practice, because of insurmountable problems with residual gas at the end of the process, all Deprox units are set to between delta RH 5% and delta RH 15% – consequently the disinfectant concentration is much lower than it should be and the efficacy of the process is between log0.2 and log2. How to verify? Just press and hold the “secret” buttons on the Deprox front panel, and the delta RH setting will be displayed – see How to test your Deprox.

Independently verifiable fact #5

Rick Fentiman claims integrity and honesty as the first principles of his business. See “Royal Marsden Proposal 2015” page 24. capturebb

The fact is…

Nothing could be further from the truth. He has repeatedly proved himself to be a liar. The examples above are just a small selection of the many misleading, dishonest or fraudulent claims made by the Fentimans and their business, Specialist Hygiene Solutions Ltd. A further 39 examples can be found in A Tangled web…


So would you buy a used car from this man? I hope not!

Unfortunately, the NHS spends over £3,000,000 per year on safety critical medical equipment from this company.

Still not sure if Deprox is a scam or not? CHECK THE FACTS for yourself.


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