Fentiman seeks court order to gag Deprox whistleblower


Regina Courthouse

On Wednesday 5th July 2017, Hygiene Solutions Ltd. will attempt to register a gagging order against Richard Marsh, a former Deprox engineer, in an attempt to close down the highly embarrassing deproxfraud.info website.

The hearing will be before The Honourable Mr. Justice B.A. Barrington-Foote, who had already rejected a previous submission from Fentiman on the same lines. The case is at 9.00am, at the Regina Court of the Queen’s  Bench, 2425 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK  S4P 4W6, Phone: (306) 787-5377.

The hearing is open to the public, and the documents filed in connection with the case may be examined and copied at the Registrar’s desk in the Courthouse.

It is of note that after 9 months and (as of this afternoon) 35,634 views of deproxfraud.info, Hygiene Solutions has finally attempted this legal action by way of an obscure legal instrument called a “Tomlin Order”.  If the shocking allegations made by deproxfraud.info are false, as Fentiman and Co. maintain, why wouldn’t they have sued for libel and defamation in September when the website was first published?

While the application is expected to fail, deproxfraud.info will continue publication regardless of the outcome.


This post has broken the record for daily hits. Since publication yesterday afternoon, this post has received 553 hits and still rising fast. The daily total is expected to top 600.



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