No survivors…

Specialist Hygiene Solutions Australia Pty Ltd, the sponsors for the Deprox and Deproxin products in Australia has sunk. The ABN has been cancelled, and the company no longer exists. There are thought to be about 20 units in Australia, as follows:

  • Westmead Hospital, Sydney: 2 Deprox
  • Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney: 2 Deprox
  • Concord hospital, Sydney: 2 Deprox
  • Mater Private Hospital, Brisbane: 6 Deprox
  • 8-10 units in storage in the SafeSmart Access building, Ermington, NSW

As Deprox has no Australian sponsor, they can no longer be legally used.

Sources inside the UK manufacturer, Specialist Hygiene Solutions Ltd, say that the Australian and New Zealand machines are only serviced on an “ad hoc” basis as there are limited servicing facilities in Australasia. Certainly the service records show that some of these machines have not been serviced for over a year, (see Deprox Fleet Report last 3 pages). This will cause poor fogging performance and increasing lead oxide contamination as the piezo discs erode, see


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